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Loss Adjusters
100th Anniversary


Cargo Claims

Survey, investigation of the cause of the damages and loss adjustment.

Special Surveys

General cargo, Project cargo, Heavy loads, Bulky loads, Cargo in bulks,Containers, Fruits, Perishables, Refrigerated and Frozen cargo

Insurance Loss Adjustment

Coverage analysis. Damages determination and analysis

Loading and Unloading cargo controls

Status control, Lashing, Stowage, Packaging and Measurements

Property Loss Control

Construction, Protection against fire, Alarm Systems and SecurityProceedings

Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention

Risk assessment and selection of countermeasures and control mechanismsto reduce its existence or magnitude.

Recovery Proceedings

Direct recovery proceedings or by legal or judicial means under no cureno pay clause.

Vessel & Barge Surveys

Fuel measurement, Cargo hold survey, Registers and Certificates. DraftSurvey.

Salvage Sale

Search for best offers in local and international markets for damagedcargo.

About us

100th Anniversary

Our company was created in 1919 by Patrick B. Browne as Cowes & Browne.In the 40s under the direction of James Patrick Browne it changed its name to Browne& Co. and ever since we have been providing services of loss adjustment inthe area of Maritime and Cargo, to foreign and local Insurers andcorrespondents.

In the 80s, under the direction of Peter William Browne, the AmericanInstitute of Marine Underwriters (AIMU) appointed us as their exclusivecorrespondents for Argentine.

In the 90s and with the entry of Gilberto V. Silva to the Board ofDirectors, we consolidated as referents in the region and achieved furtherdevelopments in the computing systems for claims management. In the year 2000 wecontinued to develop our system, BROWNET, today in its 4th version,cloud technology, that allows for the management of global accounts online,from any part of the world.

In what has gone by of the 21st century we have consolidated ourinternational presence, as representatives of the American Institute of MarineUnderwriters, TMN Survey Group, Tokio Marine and Shanghai Institute for MarineInsurance, among others.

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In the 90s, our company, pioneer in the use of tailor-made systems greatlyinnovative at a global level, defined as key policy the investment anddevelopment in technology of our own. We developed the first system of claim managementin the world, and ever since we have continued to update and to systematicallyimprove it by means of mobile apps and other instruments. Currently we areworking in new products with blockchain technology.

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

Our system, BROWNET; on-line and accessible to different users, producesa great amount of trustworthy information that allows us to build models for accountmanagement based on statistics, to plan the strategies of Insureds, Producers,Insurance Companies, to analyze and manage risk and for policy renewal, amongothers.

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

Risk analysis and Loss Adjustment – Our digital tools include:

• Online claim submission (web and mobile).

• Virtual Surveys.

• HeatMaps.

• Identification of damaged parts by model or severity.

• CustomizedStatistical Reports

• Tracking of the units

Control and follow up of the Repair Operations.


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Specialized surveys by trade


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  • Unique Online Case Management System
  • All file case documents available online 24/7
  • Customized notices
  • Useful Statistics
  • Graphical Reports
  • Automatic programming of reports
  • Cloud Technology
  • Complete reliability and security of information

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